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Meet Tanner J. Smith

Candidate for Montana Governor in the 2024 Election

Tanner J. Smith is a candidate for the people of Montana. He’s Montana born and raised and takes great pride in “God’s country”. As a father of 5 children ranging in age from 8 - 20 years old, he believes that building and maintaining safe communities and schools starts with speaking up and getting involved. Tanner currently serves as a school board trustee for Somers/Lakeside in District 29. There, he aims to give the community a voice and ensure that parental rights are acknowledged and upheld. Tanner is honored to have worked in the Flathead as a 2nd generation business owner who looks forward to passing the business on to his sons who currently take part in day-to-day operations. He takes pride in his work and understands the struggles that business owners face in these unprecedented times. Tanner has always been an unwavering voice for his fellow community members. He stands firm behind a lesson his father taught him long ago.

“Say what you mean and mean what you say.” - Charlie Smith


Tanner will be a conservative voice for the community. He will always protect your individual rights when it comes to the safety of our communities, schools and churches. With your vote and on your behalf, Tanner will serve and uphold the Constitution in Helena. Together, “We The People” can preserve the Montana way of life in “The Last Best Place”

Learn Where Tanner J. Smith Stands On The Issues

Tanner Smith for Governor - Public Safety


Combat crime and ensure the well-being of communities across the state

Tanner Smith for Governor - Constitutional Values


Defending the rights and freedoms cherished by Montanan’s

Tanner Smith for Governor - Taxes


Recognizing the burden of high taxes on Montanans, implementing responsible fiscal policies that will lower taxes and promote economic growth


Tanner Smith for Governor - Energy Inependence


Advocate for sustainable and diverse energy sources to drive Montana's economy while protecting the environment - such as the preservation of water rights to safeguard this vital resource for future generations

Tanner Smith for Governor - Education


Committed to providing quality education to strengthen and equip students with the skills necessary for success and competitive pay for teachers