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13 KEIN News MT Elections 2024 Gov:LT Gov Candidate Interview - Tanner Smith Randy Pinocci

13 KEIN News MT Elections 2024 interview with Tanner Smith and Randy Pinocci....

Climate Scientist Edwin X Berry, PhD Endorses Tanner Smith

Tanner J. Smith, a true son of Montana, is running for Governor to champion the values and needs of his fellow Montanans. Born and raised in the heart of “God’s country,”...

Water Rights

Tanner Smith address the Water Rights issue in Montana...

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Meet Tanner J. Smith

Conservative Republican Candidate for Montana Governor in the 2024 Election

Tanner J. Smith, a true son of Montana, is running for Governor to champion the values and needs of his fellow Montanans. Born and raised in the heart of "God's country," Tanner's roots run deep in this state he loves. As a devoted husband and father to five children, ages 10 to 23, Tanner embodies the spirit of community and family. His commitment to creating safe, thriving communities and schools is evident in his proactive involvement and leadership, from serving on the Somers/Lakeside District 29 school board to representing HD11 as a State Representative

In these roles, Tanner has been a steadfast advocate for the voice of the community, ensuring our constitutional rights are not just recognized but fiercely protected. As a second-generation business owner in Flathead, and now passing the torch to his sons making it a third-generation business, Tanner understands the challenges and rewards of sustaining a family business through tough times. His business acumen and dedication to community service are driven by a principle instilled by his father,

Charlie Smith: "Say what you mean and mean what you say."

Tanner's conservative values guide his commitment to safeguarding individual rights, especially concerning the well-being of our communities, schools, and places of worship. By casting your vote for Tanner, you're supporting a candidate who vows to uphold the Constitution and advocate for the interests of Montana residents in Helena. Together, “We The People” can ensure that Montana remains “The Last Best Place.”

Learn Where Tanner J. Smith Stands On The Issues

Tanner Smith for Governor - Public Safety


Combat crime and ensure the well-being of communities across the state

Tanner Smith for Governor - Constitutional Values


Defending the rights and freedoms cherished by Montanan’s

Tanner Smith for Governor - Taxes


Recognizing the burden of high taxes on Montanans, implementing responsible fiscal policies that will lower taxes and promote economic growth


Tanner Smith for Governor - Energy Inependence


Advocate for sustainable and diverse energy sources to drive Montana's economy while protecting the environment - such as the preservation of water rights to safeguard this vital resource for future generations

Tanner Smith for Governor - Education


Committed to providing quality education to strengthen and equip students with the skills necessary for success and competitive pay for teachers


Randy Pinocci - Tanner for Governor

Randy Pinocci - Tanner for Governor

Appointed Lt. Governor Randy Pinocci

Randy Pinocci, born in Anaconda in 1964, hails from a family of Italian immigrants who worked at the Anaconda smelter in the 1800s.

His father, Louis Pinocci, spent 27 years at the smelter before transitioning from Democrat to Republican due to his beliefs about the working class. Following his upbringing in a democrat household, Randy delved into politics in the 1990s, advocating for Second Amendment rights. His efforts caught the attention of Conrad Burns, leading to his involvement in a Second Amendment committee within Burns' Senate campaign.

Known for his work with the Montana shooting sports community, Randy now serves as the vice president of the Montana Shooting Sports Association. As a former representative of Great Falls and the Sun River Valley, Randy supported energy-related legislation and eventually pursued a role on the Montana Public Service Commission to address energy concerns and advocate for the construction of a nuclear power plant in Montana to boost local energy production and reduce costs.