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Climate Scientist Edwin X Berry, PhD Endorses Tanner Smith


Tanner Smith v Greg Gianforte

Tanner J. Smith, a true son of Montana, is running for Governor to champion the values and needs of his fellow Montanans. Born and raised in the heart of “God’s country,” Tanner’s roots run deep in this state he loves. As a devoted husband and father to five children, ages 10 to 23, Tanner embodies the spirit of community and family. His commitment to creating safe, thriving communities and schools is evident in his proactive involvement and leadership, from serving on the Somers/Lakeside District 29 school board to representing HD11 as a State Representative

In these roles, Tanner has been a steadfast advocate for the voice of the community, ensuring our constitutional rights are not just recognized but fiercely protected. As a second-generation business owner in Flathead, and now passing the torch to his sons making it a third-generation business, Tanner understands the challenges and rewards of sustaining a family business through tough times.

Tanner’s conservative values guide his commitment to safeguarding individual rights, especially concerning the well-being of our communities, schools, and places of worship. By casting your vote for Tanner, you’re supporting a candidate who vows to uphold the Constitution and advocate for the interests of Montana residents.

Tanner is willing to listen to me about climate truth.

Governor Gianforte calls himself a “scientist,” which he is not, to justify his rejection of my work on climate truth. He has not taken one minute of his time in four years to talk to me about climate. But he has spent hours listening to the pseudoscience claims of climate cultists.


Published on 5/29/2024 (44 days ago)