Montanan's Way of Life

“Inverted World”

We all can agree that things in America are upside down, inverted and backwards. Boys are now girls. Working hard and succeeding is now being replaced with Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. The bizarre is now being normalized and we are supposed to accept it. 

We see the same thing happening in Montana with our elected Politicians. You see I am a Conservative Republican and I’m dismayed at what our Republican Governor has done. 
Greg is supposedly a Republican and he oversaw the implementation of legalized marijuana use. In Montana we now have more dispensaries per Capita than Colorado State….and Washington State. Montana has almost 400 pot shops. Co has 520 and Washington 600. There are only a million Montana residents? What is Republican or Conservative about normalizing drug use? What Republican allows this to be done 4 times worse than these Blue States? You wonder why we have more substance abuse, homelessness, and crime? Greg legalized drug use with no regulations and did it 4 times worse. 

Greg is a Chamber of Commerce Republican that only sees dollars and revenues and fails to see the effects of bad policies. I am a policy guy. 

Greg could use our National Guard today and start rounding up these illegal aliens, but he won’t. He only sees cheap labor and is willing to look the other way when they commit crimes. I value Montanans and put our safety above getting apartments built under budget. 

Greg endorsed and supported the CSKT Water Compact. This has led to Flathead and Lake Counties losing their water rights to the top 10’ of Flathead Lake. He supports the planned Computer Data Center in Polson that will take electricity and water away from our farmers and ranchers. What Republican would support computers over actual people? 

Our Republican Governor says he supports parental rights and proclaims, “Not on my Watch”. While at the same exact time his CFS was taking the Kolstad Child to Wyoming and Ultimately Canada for Sex-Reassignment surgery? He could have stopped this at any time, and we’re supposed to believe he puts parents first? Greg vetoed HB37 that would have called for a 3rd party Judge to look at a custody case before a child was removed. What Republican doesn’t want another set of impartial eyes looking at a case? 
Our Republican Governor won’t give taxpayers the tax surplus back. On 3 separate occasions Greg, the Solutions Caucus, working with the Democrats have kept that money. Greg sued 49 counties that wanted to cut taxes on the 95 school mills? He sued to STOP 49 of the 56 counties from giving money back to the folks. Schools that were already funded through 2025? Is that Republican? I thought we cut taxes?

Why would Greg veto over 27 good Conservative bills that came out of the 23’ session. He vetoed HB797 that would have had the budget office compile where and how many tax dollars are going to the Indian Tribes? What Republican doesn’t want transparency and accountability for where the people’s money is spent? 

The words from our Republican Governor don’t match his actions. We are just expected to go along with it because he says he’s a Republican. Things are inverted.  My reality says that he’s NOT a Republican.
I am running in the 2024 Republican Primary to earn your vote and Governor as a true conservative.  I would appreciate your vote. 


Tanner Smith is available for interviews and speaking engagements to further discuss this matter and his 2024 campaign for Governor. Please contact the campaign Headquarters via email at:

Published on 3/4/2024 (48 days ago)