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2nd Amendment

Our Second Amendment rights have never been under attack like they are today……….and they have never been more important than now in 2024. We see daily how this tyrannical, weaponized government is stripping our liberties and Freedoms. We also see how a corrupt government that WON’T close the border is making things unsafe. The last line of defense has been and continues to be an armed citizen.

I received my first firearm at the age of 10 just like my father before me and just like all my kids. The Safe, Responsible use of firearms is in the Smith DNA. For the record I will never be killed by a criminal or a rouge government for the lack of shooting back. 

The only “Carrying Capacity” the Federal Government needs to legislate is the “Carrying Capacity” of the land with regards to Wolves, Grizzlies, Elk, and Deer. The Federal Government needs to stay in their lane and out of our safes. Firearms are simply tools and as Governor I will ensure that the “good guys” always have access to the BEST tools to keep their families safe.


Tanner Smith is available for interviews and speaking engagements to further discuss this matter and his 2024 campaign for Governor. Please contact the campaign Headquarters via email at:

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Published on 3/4/2024 (48 days ago)