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Official Response from Tanner Smith regarding Kolstad Family case

Official Response from Tanner Smith regarding Kolstad Family case:


“I’m a father of 5 myself and I too have had interactions with our Montana CPS. Having said that, the CPS here in the Kalispell area are fair, honest and a great group of folks doing an extremely tough job. What happened with this case is a tragedy that could have been avoided. The state legislature and I passed HB37 which would have required a judges warrant to remove a child. That would have been another set of eyes on a case and a check and balance on a rogue CPS worker………… Governor Gianforte vetoed that bill? I voted YES to put parents’ 1st and CPS employees and State Government 2nd. When it comes to parental rights there is no greater advocate than me.”

“Furthermore, Greg is never part of the solution, time and time again he’s the root of the problem. For those keeping score of our RIGHTS being lost under Gianforte 1) Water Rights = Water Compact/Flathead Valley 2) Gun Rights = Great Falls raid and 4473 forms confiscated from Highwood Creek Outfitters 3) Parental Rights = Glasgow family has daughter removed to fulfill LGBTQ agenda. Many rights are being removed without resistance, and in certain instances, our current Governor is supporting these actions.”


Tanner Smith is available for interviews and speaking engagements to further discuss this matter and his 2024 campaign for Governor. Please contact the campaign Headquarters via email at:

Campaign Manager: Jim Riley 406-607-0728

Published on 3/4/2024 (48 days ago)